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Get In The Mecha is back and so is our annual edition of Unskippable Openings, where I talk about some of my favourite openings from the past year! An important thing I want to cover in this year’s edition is the question, ‘what is the relationship between the opening and the show itself?’. In this episode, I try to not only talk about the openings I really liked but the people who worked on them and what they do to deepen our understanding of the anime.

Apologies for the unplanned break! If you want to hear what happened, please refer to the post-credit notes at the end of the episode!

Thank you for the review Phoenix! Check out TheAnimeTea on YouTube & podcast platforms.


Timestamps (Audio Version):

0:00 – Intro & Review

2:45 – Jujutsu Kaisen OP 2

7:52 – Wonder Egg Priority OP

13:47 – Odd Taxi OP

18:13 – Openings As Commentary

21:51 – The Two-Way Flow

23:21 – Outro & Music Credits

25:53 – Post-Credit Notes (Why I Was Gone)

Relevant Links:

Anime Mentioned In This Episode: Jujutsu Kaisen – Wonder Egg Priority – Odd Taxi – Shinsekai Yori – Ranking of Kings

Openings Discussed: Jujutsu Kaisen OP 2Wonder Egg Priority OPOdd Taxi OP

Creatives Mentioned: Shingo YamashitaShin WakabayashiJin OyamaRyoji YamadaRen Onodera

Yamashita Interview (Crunchyroll Extras)

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Chill Wave 3 by Alex McCulloch

On The Road Again Mastered by Alex McCulloch

Adventure Time Revised by Alex McCulloch

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