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The new year is approaching and a there’s a lot of anime on the way. On this week’s episode of Get In The Mecha I take a look at the anime projects that I’m most excited for and talk about who is working on them. And at the end I give my take on an important question – can this much anime be sustained by the industry?

Thanks to Selena, EyecatchGlasses, Aaron, Inspirashamul, Dimitri & Nico for the ratings on Spotify!


Timestamps (Audio Version):

0:00 – Intro + Spotify Ratings

3:15 – Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

8:51 – The Orbital Children

14:20 – Exception, Vampire In The Garden & Bocchi The Rock!

17:02 – INU-OH

19:26 – The Girl From The Other Side

13:22 – Is A Lot Of Anime A Good Thing?

26:49 – Outro & Music Credits

28:13 – Post-Credit Notes

Creatives Mentioned In This Episode:

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform: Miyuki KurokiMegumi KounoRino YamazakiKana UtataneAkari SaitouHisayo UsuiAsuka Yokota

The Orbital Children: Mitsuo IsoToshiyuki InoueKen`ichi Yoshida

Vampire In The Garden: Tetsuya Nishio

Exception: Yoshitaka Amano

Bocchi The Rock!: Keiichirō SaitōKerorira

INU-OH: Masaaki YuasaFuuga Yamashiro

The Girl From The Other Side: Yutaro KuboSatomi Maiya

Relevant Links:

Satomi Maiya’s work

Yutaro Kubo’s work

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

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