I know we’re already in March but let’s talk about the anime staff I discovered for the first time in 2021! 2021 was a really great year for anime, in terms of the number of exciting projects that came out, which of course meant that I came across many cool creatives at the same time. In this episode I share who I’ve come across, why I gravitated to their work and more on this episode of Get In The Mecha.


Timestamps (Audio Version):

0:00 – Intro

1:42 – Yuki Yonemori, Keiichiro Saito & Nobuhide Kariya (WEP & Sonny Boy)

7:07 – Fuuga Yamashiro & the Heike team (Heike Monogatari)

9:49 – Ikuo Yamakado & Kohei Hatano (Mars Red)

14:28 – Post-Edit Notes on Link Click

15:49 – Li Haoling & co. (Link Click)

19:02 – Hiromatsu Shuu (Da Wang Rao Ming)

21:37 – niL, Asuka Dokai & 𝐓𝐕♡CHAͶY (MVs)

24:55 – Ryoji Yamada & Shu Sasaki (millenium parade – Trepanation)

26:58 – Outro & Music Credits

Relevant Links / Notes:

  • Hiromatsu Shuu – was made aware that Shuu is a Chinese animator and not a Japanese animator – Hiromatsu Shuu is simply their Japanese name. Thanks to Awayfarer for pointing this out to me. (Source)
  • To prevent spreading false info, I ommitted this part from both versions of the podcast – but since the error was in the first version, thought I’d put it here for transparency’s sake.

Creatives Discussed In This Episode: Yuki YonemoriKeiichiro SaitoNobuhide KariyaFuuga YamashiroIkuo YamakadoKohei HatanoLi HaolingniLAsuka Dokai𝐓𝐕♡CHAͶYRyoji YamadaShu Sasaki

Projects Discussed In This Episode: Wonder Egg Priority – Sonny Boy – Heike Monogatari – Mars Red – Link Click – Da Wang Rao Ming – Living idly and dying as if dreamingStay FoolishBrave New WorldTrepanation

Da Wang Rao Ming on sakugabooru

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Chill Wave by Alex McCulloch

On The Road Again by Alex McCulloch

Adventure Time Revised by Alex McCulloch

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