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As 2019 is coming to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to take a journey through some of my favourite openings from this year in anime. In this episode, I take a step back from deep analysis and flick through some of my favourites, what makes them stand out and how the audio and visual components work together in order to form such lovely pieces.

In this episode, I will be looking closely at:

  • How audio and visuals work together
  • What makes a strong opening (in my view)
  • Whether the future is bright for openings post-2019.



8Bit Title Screen by Joth

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

Difference by chasersgaming

Go Lucky by chasersgaming

(ALL LINKS TO APPLE MUSIC unless stated otherwise)
Mukanjyo – Survive Said The Profit
Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi – Linked Horizon
Fighting Gold – Coda
Gotoubun no Kimochi – Nakanoke no Itsutsugo
99.9 – MOB CHOIR feat. Sajou no hana
Share the Light – Run Girls, Run!
Inferno – Mrs. Green Apple
Fire – Queen Bee
Resolution – Haruka Tomatsu
Seishun Seminar – Study (CDJapan)
Can now, Can now – Study
JUSTadICE – Seiko Oomori
Kakusei – Superfly



Hey All!

Thanks for reading the show notes. We recently peaked at 100 downloads in November! Thank you all for your support and here’s to more episodes.

My Top 3 Openings this year were: Dororo OP 1, Assassins Pride OP 1 and Mob Psycho 100 II OP 1.

Dororo OP 1: Dororo OP 1 is a powerful piece, as it feels as if it is a tribute to the late Osamu Tezuka one of the founding fathers of the medium which we know and love today. Ziyoou-vachi honour this and produced a wonderful accompaniment that works with the overall mood of the song. This is coupled nicely with a fine sense of cinematography and sequencing, putting this (in my opinion) in masterpiece territory.

Mob Psycho 100 II OP 1: For a while, I regarded this as my favourite opening this year and although I feel as if Assassin’s Pride stole the spotlight, that shouldn’t undermine the mastery that was produced. Similarly to a lot of the openings I discussed in the episode, this one contains a lot of ambitious camera movement throughout as it pits the multiple characters against each other. Each character is beautifully animated and a sense of depth is created by them bobbing in and out of the camera. The Mob Choir also create a level of variety between the tones, so it does not feel dominated by one singer; this kind of adds to the chaos that is trying to be created.

Assassin’s Pride OP 1: At this point, I’m obsessed with this opening (to the extent where I am literally listening to it while making these notes). This piece fills a ‘gap in the market’ for a more EDM / Artcore style opening. Visually, the opening is highly stylistic and structured into three parts; the third part is tasked with smoothly completing the movements established in the first third. It also has what seems to be a ‘Shaft-esque’, as it looks like something one would find from the Monogatari series.

In short, there is so much more that openings have to offer and I’m very excited to see what 2020 holds not just for anime, but the music that is paired with it.

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