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Akiyuki Shinbo may be one of the greatest anime directors of all time – but how exactly does he direct anime? In this week’s episode of Get In The Mecha, I do a brief study of Shinbo’s OVAs to get to the bottom of what his style really looks like and what we can learn from his approach to anime.

Note: Again, another late episode – had a few things to juggle this week but still wrestling with the schedule. Thanks for your patience!


Creatives Mentioned In This Episode: Akiyuki ShinboMasahiro AndoHirofumi Suzuki

Anime Mentioned In This Episode: Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, Shin Hurricane Polymar, Tenamonya Voyagers, The SoulTaker, Naruto

Timestamps (Audio Version):

0:00 – Intro

1:56 – Context

3:08 – Case Study 1 – Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

9:09 – Case Study 2 – Shin Hurricane Polymar

12:28 – Case Study 3 – Tenamonya Voyagers

15:42 – Learning from Shinbo

19:33– Outro + Music Credits

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

2 thoughts on “Studying the Anime OVAs of Akiyuki Shinbo | GITM Podcast Ep. 104

  1. Hello! I’ve become a fan of Shinbo’s 90s/early 2000s stuff over the past year, and just want to say nice episode! I found your content through searching youtube for Shinbo analysis, and am enjoying what you have to say on you other episodes, too. It really is interesting to see his work in the OVA environment… Although most Shaft shows have other creative leads, Shinbo’s influence really stands out when it is present. Here are links to three video game OPs/cinematics that Shinbo storyboarded. They show some evolution over time, and are pretty unknown. Because they aren’t major productions, he cuts loose in a similar way to his OVAs. Best!
    “Lightning Volter” cinematics, from “Tatsunoko Fight,” Tatsunoko, 2000:
    “The God of Death” Remic, 2005:
    “Fate/Extra CCC,” 2013, Shaft:

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