Sonny Boy is director Shingo Natsume’s next big project. In this podcast episode, I take a deep dive into what exactly it ‘is’ on a political level as well as a visual level. How has Natsume’s style & career built up to this point? Are we inherently political beings? Why do I like Sonny Boy so much? All this and more on the 97th episode (and the first video podcast) of Get In The Mecha.

This is also the first of hopefully many video podcasts to come! I made a promise and delivered! There’s a bit of janky editing here and there but hopefully you guys like this format and find it a bit more engaging than tabbing out of a video card for thirty minutes. Thank you for supporting the podcast so far – it means the world and here’s to a new chapter of GITM!

This episode contains light spoilers:

0:00 – Intro + Reading Review

2:27 – Introducing Sonny Boy & Natsume

5:59 – The State of Nature

8:40 – ‘Law & Order’

12:53 – Why We Need Sonny Boy

14:40 – Direction Choices

19:10 – Natsume’s Vision

22:55 – Outro + Music Credits

Relevant Links:

Sonny Boy (MyAnimeList)

Shingo Natsume (AniDB)

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

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