I’m Jamal. I’m a very big fan of anime, comic books, manga, film and a lot of other things, but recently I’ve been channeling most of my energies into anime analysis and reviews. For about 7 years now, I have been ‘trying’ to collect comics, primarily in the ‘superhero’ genre (so your Marvel and DC stuff); its been a long a exciting ride and I’m not considering stopping any time soon!

I’m also a student, still trying to make sense of everything and I think that comes through quite a lot in the way I look at the things I read & watch. Honestly, the way I come across, when discussing the mediums I appreciate can be quite interesting, but that’s for you to decide!

The Get In The Mecha Podcast

I’m proud to say that I’ve focused all the energy that I was once wasting ranting and complaining about anime and narrative, to myself and others, into my podcast, Get In The Mecha. Get In The Mecha is my weekly show where I look at specific points or parts in anime and comics and try to make sense of it all!

If you are not aware, ‘Get In The Mecha’ is a reference to the mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), a show where a boy (Shinji Ikari) , who would now be a similar age to me today (as the show is set in 2015), has to make sense of the world, while bearing the responsibility of defending Tokyo-3. Although I don’t have to defend a ‘futuristic’ city in a mech, I do like to think that similarly to Shinji, I’m still growing and evolving. To be more specific, on the podcast my opinions are constantly fluctuating and developing as I research and think more about the pieces I analyse.

Here’s the trailer:

Start your weekend with the GITM Podcast, every Friday!

How can I contact you Jamal?

If you wish to submit me a question on the topics I discuss in the show, you can do so on Twitter; if you just want to talk generally, you can do so there as well. Just use @getinthemecha or #getinthemecha. I check it quite often and tweet a decent amount so don’t be shy to shoot me a message (I’m probably just as shy!) Updates for the podcast will most likely go up there also.

Another method would be through email. Send an email to getinthemecha@gmail.com for general enquiries and questions that you would like to submit to the show.

WITH THESE TWO MODES OF CONTACT, i MAY read your question or point on the show – but it is (sadly) not guaranteed.

For business enquiries only, you send an email to: gitmpod@gmail.com

‘Can I come onto your podcast?’

The answer to that is maybe – this usually depends on what you have to offer to the show; this is done on a case-by-case basis. Currently, I am NOT inviting guests onto Get In The Mecha (as of 01/02/2020)*.

*In this case, this is not a personal decision; at the moment it is just really hard to fit that in when I practically produce an audio-essay every week. At the moment it is not very sustainable to invite guests onto the show.

‘Can you come onto my podcast, Jamal?’

Although I love doing guest spots and love interacting with other podcasters, anime fans, etc. (as of 01/02/2020, until further notice), I am not going to be accepting guest appearances. Similarly to the last question, it isn’t sustainable for me at the moment, but I wish you all the best with your podcast!

A few extra things…

If you want to see what anime I watch, check out MAL page:

If there’s anything else that needs adding it will probably be here… but for now, thanks for getting to the end!