Neon Genesis Evangelion (my all-time favourite anime series) and Sonny Boy (one of my favourite anime from 2021) touch on similar topics of personal growth, control and even change. In this episode I want to talk about the indirect conversation that Hideaki Anno & co. and Shingo Natsume have as well as what we can take from both anime.

Hope you enjoy this short episode!


Timestamps (Audio Version):

0:00 – Intro

1:12 – My Experience with Sonny Boy

3:16 – The Ending of NGE

6:49 – Pressure & Expectations

12:20 – Optimism & Control

15:31 – The ‘Pretention’ Problem

17:43 – Conversations & Originality

19:52 – Outro & Music Credits

Creatives Mentioned In This Episode: Hideaki Anno & Shingo Natsume

Music In This Episode:

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Chill Wave by Alex McCulloch

On The Road Again by Alex McCulloch

Adventure Time Revised by Alex McCulloch

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