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As you probably already know, I like Aspect Ratios a lot. In this week’s episode I want to hone in specifically on the 4:3 aspect ratio and talk about what it does for framing, space and more in the context of anime. This week I’m talking about how 4:3 has accumulated more value over time, how it creates a sense of intimacy or confinement and loads more!

Next episode is the start of the first ever GITM Minisode series! I know it isn’t ideal but please look forward to these bitesized discussions about some of my favourite animators / directors in the anime sphere for a few weeks.

this episode contains light SPOILERS for ninja scroll (1993) & cowboy bebop:


Ninja Scroll (MyAnimeList)

Cowboy Bebop (MyAnimeList)

Just Call It Love – Mafumafu (YouTube)

4:3 in Anime – The Aspect Ratio Gaining Significance With Time (getinthmecha)


Mandatory Overtime by Joth

Synth Wave by Alex by Alex McCulloch

Difference by chasersgaming


Eric Matyas (Edited for length)

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