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Previously on the show, I have managed to cover some rather niche topics, namely space and aspect ratios. However, in this session I wanted to take it a bit further by discussing camera lenses. The lens is our way into a scene; the lens no matter how distorted works as our eyes into the film and as a result influence how we interpret space and time itself. In this episode, I discuss what the purpose of lenses are and then proceed to break down the visual language of Kyoto Animation’s Naoko Yamada & how she manages to imbue her films with meaning from lenses alone.

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS LIGHT SPOILERS (a silent voice & liz and the blue bird):


Camera Lens (Wikipedia)

Depth of field explained (TechRadar)

Koe no Katachi (sakugabooru)

Koe no Katachi (MyAnimeList)

Liz and the Blue Bird (sakugabooru)

Liz to Aoi Tori (MyAnimeList)

Naoko Yamada (MyAnimeList)

Takuya Yamamura (MyAnimeList)

Yoshiji Kigami (MyAnimeList)

Kyoto Animation (

Two filmmakers that are great for lens analysis:

Kouji Morimoto (MyAnimeList)

Makoto Shinkai (MyAnimeList)


Difference by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

8-Bit Title Screen by Joth

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