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Over the past few episodes, I have been very focused on doing quite in-depth analyses, however I haven’t taken a lot of time to think about what I’ve taken away from watching & analysing a lot of anime. So in this episode, I take a step back to think about what I have learnt about anime over the past few months, in the form of a mid-year review! I discuss what I’ve learnt about animation & sakuga, why I don’t take anime scoring very seriously, the value of thinking about how you think and more. Also, for the first time, I take your questions!

Thank you to Mimico (@XaviKunSenpai), Anime king (@AnimeKingzzz) & my anime podcast (@myanimepodcast) for sending in your questions!

Also a special thanks to ben (@bentosekai) for inspiring one of the talking points of this podcast episode! Check out his latest blog post.

I helped out with a video on FGO Babylonia!
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THIS EPISODE does not contain spoilers:


Mandatory Overtime by Joth

8-Bit Title Screen by Joth

Difference by chasersgaming


GITM Episode 23: Anime Lessons for this Year

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