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It’s been a hot minute since we I last discussed Blue Exorcist! Similarly to the Festival Arc, the Illuminati Arc demonstrates a massive shift in the narrative, with comrades taking up new positions and the stakes rising for the ExWires of the True Cross Academy Cram School. In this episode, I analyse how the arc works really well with its counterparts, the shift of character dynamics, the beauty of the main antagonism at this part of the narrative and more. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory episode.

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Ao No Exorcist (MyAnimeList)

True Cross Academy Festival Arc (Ao No Exorcist Wiki) – (Note: The Illuminati Arc wiki page was empty, although there’s other information about the arc on the site – the Festival Arc is here for context)

Izumo Kamiki (Ao No Exorcist Wiki)

Tamamo Kamiki (Ao No Exorcist Wiki)

Renzo Shima (Ao No Exorcist Wiki)

Michael Gedōin (Ao No Exorcist Wiki)


Difference by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

8-Bit Title Screen by Joth


Eric Matyas (Edited for length)

“Unpleasant Discovery”

Eric Matyas (Edited for length)

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