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The year (and the decade) of anime has concluded and although I did a more in depth analysis of the decade as a whole, I didn’t really do a personal look through what I’ve learnt and how I felt within that. So in this episode, I will be taking a personal look at what I have taken from the anime I have watched recently.



8Bit Title Screen by Joth

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

Difference by chasersgaming

Go Lucky by chasersgaming

by Eric Matyas


Most of the links to the anime discussed in the episode can be found on my personal MAL page.


Note from Jamal:

Hey All!

Thanks for reading the show notes. I really appreciate the support recently – it honestly means a lot and motivates me to make the show better. So, thanks for supporting The Get In The Mecha Podcast.

Have a great New Year everyone! (Arc analysis is back on next week!)

What I’ve Learnt:

Watch on a Whim: Watching anime without planning what it is that I’m going to watch has really made me enjoy the shows that I watch (in this way) a lot more, especially as the surprises become much more apparent and impactful. This mostly applies to my recent obsession with the harem genre; although it comes with its flaws, watching without any preparation has helped me discover shows which I enjoy a lot today.

Going Beyond the Show: I’ve spoken about this a lot on the podcast already, so I won’t go on too much about here. The core of the matter is that a concept / conceptual basis really lifts a show up when it remains dedicated to referring back to it or weaving it throughout the course of the narrative. These concepts have their roots in a real-life context which allows one to widen their understanding of it and potentially gain a richer understanding of the show as a result.

Have Fun with it!: This final lesson is probably one you’ve heard from any corner of the internet regarding (literally) anything you can potentially think of, but it is probably the most important lesson of all of them (another corny point). I often think to myself why it is that I watch anime and honestly, I didn’t initially begin this wacky journey thinking that I wanted to analyse what I consumed and break it down further. Instead, it was something that I thought would be fun to get into, just like any other hobby in the infinite marketplace of hobbies. It is for that reason that I have been experimenting with multiple genres, structures, etc. – for the simple pursuit of enjoyment.

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