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Dark Days: The Forge is the backdrop for a hefty, yet exciting journey through the newly revealed ‘Dark Multiverse’. With Tales from the Dark Multiverse around the corner, let us analyse the very beginning of all of this, where this uncovered part of the multiverse slowy begins to unravel itself. This will be as a (minimum) 3-part arc on the show, looking at Dark Nights and the Dark Days preludes.


In this episode, I will be taking a look at:

  • How the Dark Multiverse slowly begins to unravel itself and what makes it so ambigious.
  • Why I respect Scott Snyder’s writing.
  • What The Forge contributes to the rest of Dark Nights: Metal.


ChipScape by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

Difference by chasersgaming

by Eric Matyas

“Autumn of Life”
by Eric Matyas



FANDOM PAGE (Dark Days: The Forge Vol.1 #1)


Plot Summary: It has always been known that there are 52 Earths in the multiverse,. but what if that was not completely true? Enter the realm of the Dark Multiverse, a place where various ‘impossible’ events have manifested. Batman overtime has been seeking this out, similarly to his predecessor, Carter Hall (Hawkman). As Batman dives deeper into the dark by bringing the ‘metals’ together, a force looms on the other side that is a lot stronger than what he bargained for.

Dark Days: The Forge, as the name suggests shows multiple elements of various DC story arcs come together for this very purpose, symbolised through the collection of the various items and ‘metals’. As previously said, the name connotes an mixture or collection of various pieces; I am quite the fan of this as (to some extent) it illustrates that Snyder writes with intention.

The storytelling of Dark Days: The Forge is quite interesting because it bases itself off of what seems to be some sort of rumour or conspiracy, even with the guidance of Carter Hall’s diary. Snyder only gives us subtle teases as to what’s on the other side, but the vast majority of the issue keeps the reader (or maybe just me) wondering as to how things will play out.

Overall, I think The Forge only represents half of the puzzle (The Casting is the other half). I very much respect how Snyder was able to keep me hanging for the majority of the pages. After looking at The Casting, I think the potential that The Forge holds will be revealed.

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