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Today we’re talking Fantastic Four on Get In The Mecha! Personally, I haven’t really delved much into Fantastic Four, besides watching the Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006) TV Shows and the movies (even the infamous 2015 edition). I had the chance recently to snag a limited-edition signed variant (by Dan Slott!), so I took the opportunity to check it out and review it!


Today on Get In The Mecha, I will be looking at:

  • The context that Fantastic Four return, after the conclusion of Secret Wars (2015).
  • How do the members of the Fantastic Four handle such contexts?
  • What do I think about this opening (and return) to the Fantastic Four.


Go Lucky by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

Salty Ditty – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

SFX by SubspaceAudio


FANTASTIC FOUR (2018) #1 (Marvel)

FANDOM PAGE (Fantastic Four Vol 6)


Family is a very, very important theme in the Fantastic Four to my understanding; it is the very essence that keeps the team united. However, what happens when that unit breaks down, or the four members simply aren’t united? That is what this very first issue of Fantastic Four Volume 6 (by Dan Slott) explores.

PLOT SUMMARY: After the conclusion of Secret Wars (2015), Reed and Susan are still nowhere to be found. Both Johnny and Ben have apparently looked everywhere possible, but have had no luck. Both members are faced with the choice of moving on or becoming buried in grief for longer. Sadly, each decision still comes with pain, as neither fixes the situation which they are in.

The main thing I want to cover and what I found most interesting was the contrasting approaches to ‘lost’. Ben and Johnny have very different personality types and that influences how they deal with Susan and Reed being gone from their lives. I was quite happy that such a nuance was made between the characters, as they are more than two-dimensional drawings on a page, but actual characters with a multitude of emotions and feelings towards certain things.

JOHNNY (THE HUMAN TORCH): The Human Torch, similarly to his name, is known as a ‘burning’ symbol of hope (no pun intended) that is bold and charismatic. However, when it comes to handling problems, or more specifically, he’s almost ‘in denial’ when it comes to handling the loss of Reed and Susan. Johnny puts up a front, acting as if the Fantastic Four still is what it once was, however he is very aware of the fact that he is in a powerless position. This came through quite strongly when disrupting the harmony that Ben and Alicia apparently found.

BEN (THE THING): Ben Grimm takes a different approach, one which is actually quite mixed. Initially I thought Ben was almost ‘stuck in the past’ just like Johnny, in the way that he was able to recount one of their exciting missions; to my understanding, I thought Ben was not willing to accept that those were simply ‘days of old’. As I read further, it became more clear that in fact this was not the case, as he decides to take further steps in his own life and work with what he had available to him, as oppose to dwell on what could have been. With both of these parts, I came to the conclusion that despite such efforts to move forward, there is still a layer of underlying pain present, but that in turn has motivated to do what makes him most happy.

The final part of the comic flips things on its head; Dr. Doom is still a force to be reckoned with and Susan & Reed may not be gone for good. The Dr. Doom part stood out to me more though, as it works as a way to bring the reader (me in this case) back to reality, despite the new source of ‘hope’ that is teased by end.

Honestly, I’m quite pleased with what I read and now I feel like I understand why fans wanted to get the Fantastic Four back after so long. I would be more than happy to read more of this!



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