Boruto has reached 100 episodes… which means discussion time! For this episode of Get In The Mecha, I will be looking at what Boruto has and hasn’t achieved over the course of the few arcs and episodes it has presented to us. Another important thing to consider, is whether Boruto is going in a healthy direction, which I also dive into in this episode.


My main areas of focus in today’s episode are:

  • The Shin / Sarada Uchiha Arc
  • The Versus Momoshiki Arc + Episode 65
  • The Mitsuki Rescue Arc
  • The Truth of Mitsuki (Episode 39)


Go Lucky by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

SFX by SubspaceAudio





ANIMEAJAY’S VIDEO (‘Why Did BORUTO Episode 65 Look So GOOD?!’) (On staff behind Episode 65)


Boruto has finally hit 100 episodes, but it has definitely been an interesting journey. In this piece, I would just like to go through some of the arcs or key moments that caught my interest along the way.

THE SHIN / SARADA UCHIHA ARC: This arc, for sure, competes as one of, if not, my favourite arc in the Boruto series so far for a variety of reasons. The first has to be the insanely impressive fight between Sarada and the new enemy, Shin Uchiha. The use of the surrounding environment (in the cave) was what made this really special; it was able to capture a variety of angles and also track the two of them battle it out for the first time. Another reason why I enjoyed this so much was simply the ‘shock’ factor that came with the appearance of Shin Uchiha. By the end of the Naruto: Shippuden (2007), it was almost made a fact that Sasuke was the last remaining Uchiha in his clan, after the deaths of Madara and Obito, so to see a sharingan ‘on’ somebody else was a massive surprise. For both of these very reasons and a few side points, I am really pleased with how this turned out.

VERSUS MOMOSHIKI ARC: I definitely consider this the best arc in anime so far, primarily due to its longevity and how much it contributes to everything that occurs after it, with the emergence of ‘Karma’ and the Jougan Eye. When talking about the Momoshiki Arc, I feel as if it would be a cardinal sin not to mention the holy episode 65, the penultimate episode to the arc, featuring the best fight of the year (you got it wrong Crunchyroll!) directed by Chengxi Huang and executed by an amazing team. Simply put, I think the fight demonstrated what a ‘fight scene’ is all about, in the space of a few minutes.

MITSUKI RESCUE ARC: This arc makes me upset, as I feel that it barely does anything for the series,, besides ‘reconfirm’ Mitsuki’s loyalty to Konoha and his comrades. It also dragged on for a very long time and considering it was a ‘filler’ arc, it felt almost as if its true intention was to fill space (which it is, but at least make it an enjoyable and interesting one)! There were a few cool moments in this, such as the fight between Sarada and Kakou, but besides this, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to get in the series quickly.

THE TRUTH OF MITSUKI (EPISODE 39): This episode was definitely a better showcase of what Mitsuki had to offer in the series, with a great fight scene to accompany it and a shocking twist that changed my view of Mitsuki (prior to the Mitsuki Rescue Arc).

Overall, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2017) shows a large amount of potential, but sadly does not always perform as if it has the potential to create exciting and gripping episodes consistently. With the most recent parts of the manga and the opening scene of the anime, I am hopeful the show can evolve into something greater than it is at the moment.

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