DC Universe: Rebirth is what I like to call the ‘book that started it all’; the graphic novel triggered the beginning of this expansive line of continuity, which is still ongoing. But with the conclusion of the New 52 with The Darkseid War and The Final Days of Superman, how well does this story acknowledge what came before it and how well does it set up what is to come later on?


Some points I will be going through in today’s episode:

  • What was DC Universe: Rebirth #1 all about, and how was this done?
  • Who are the key players in this story and how impactful are they on the DCU at the moment?
  • Does DC Universe: Rebirth #1 successfully set up the events to come?


Go Lucky by chasersgaming

Mandatory Overtime by Joth

SFX by SubspaceAudio





DC Universe Rebirth #1 is what I like to call ‘the comic book that started it all’, relative to the DC Rebirth, as it works to set up a lot of the threads that come off it such as Doomsday Clock (and The Button), The Oz Effect, etc. The aim of the graphic novel was to bring back what we loved about the DC Universe, prior to the New 52, whilst incorporating new plot points and events alongside it. Personally, I don’t know who else would be better to do this than Geoff Johns, an influential figure in the DCU to this day, with a splendid team for art and editing.

PLOT SUMMARY: After the conclusion of the New 52, things are looking ‘interesting’. The world is shaken after the recent death of Superman in ‘The Final Days of Superman’ event and the conclusion to The Darkseid War, that pushed our heroes to the brink. With new individuals emerging.

DCUR #1 extracts some of the main events from the New 52 and puts them into context. Contexts are also shifted, making way for new events to emerge. The conclusion to The Final Days of Superman Saga is now being viewed from the perspective of the other heroes, as seen in the double-page spread at the place of his death. With this, the version of Superman that we are exposed to has now changed; the pre-New 52 Clark Kent is the focal point of the novel, hence a change in context overall.

Another big figure in this event is Wally West; through the chapter name ‘Lost’ and his dialogue, I gained the impression that he dwindles between hopelessness and ambition; the shift between the those states of mind, in my opinion, defines truly what a ‘lost’ character is. Also, the a shift between the speedforce to the ‘real world’ also puts the idea into more perspective.

The main thing that captivated me was the fact that the graphic novel does not fail to ‘dig up’ events from the past. One example (which can be seen in the Deluxe Edition) would be the artistic references that relate to the Watchmen. However, the references back to Flashpoint felt even more impactful to me; it shows how mighty and influential an event can be, affecting Wally West the most in this part of the narrative.

In conclusion, I would say that DC Universe Rebirth was a great way to set up a saga, that will require all our heroes from across the DC Universe to collaborate in order to discover who has ‘stolen’ 10 years from their lives post-Flashpoint. The graphic novel ties together older events and teases new, emerging events successfully.

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